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what we do

At Myco, we know relationships. Connection. Care. Curiosity. We apply relationship science to help people collaborate better. 


We provide research-backed foundations, assessments, and interventions to help:


  • Individuals deepen collaborative know-how

  • Teams discover how to structure collaborative work

  • Organizations establish collaborative culture

Whether you're looking to strengthen and repair an existing collaboration or are ready to initiate and build something new, we can help. We provide:

  • Diagnostics

  • Executive counsel

  • Individual- and team-based professional development

  • Collaboration design and facilitation

  • Fractional Chief Collaboration Officer services

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Our proprietary assessments provide actionable insights for either amping up your organization's collaborative capacity or launching a new collaborative endeavor. 

Need to strengthen or repair an existing collaboration?
Myco’s Collaboration Capacity Diagnostic is designed to assess the current health of your organization’s collaboration ecosystem.

Ready to initiate and build something new?
As the first step in helping teams unlock their capacity for deep collaboration, Myco's Collaboration Readiness Assessment brings clarity to the scope and coherence of could-be collaborators’ respective visions and evaluates collective readiness to effectively and sustainably do together that which cannot be achieved alone. 

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"I now have a way to reframe my anxiety about moving forward that will help me overcome my slog. After just one session, I feel motivated and excited to get to work on my big undertaking. I certainly have not felt that way about this work in a very long time. Thank you so, so much!" 

“I was feeling stuck. You have this ability to clear things up for me when we talk. You are really good at narrowing down the issue in a logical, thoughtful way, yet with empathy.”

executive advising

Whether you’re on a new team committed to building strong foundations, on a troubled team that needs to get unstuck, or on a rapidly expanding team that’s trying to duct tape together a cardboard car as it hurls down the freeway: we can help. 

"Deb was instrumental to my successful transition into the role of Board Chair of IMPACCT Brooklyn."


“[Deb] takes everyone seriously and pushes for clarity where needed. 



Deb’s teaching talent shines bright in her value-packed virtual “lunch and learns” and workshops.


Participants admire her clear presentations and ability to facilitate productive and stimulating activities and discussions among people who see the world differently (sometimes very differently). 


Reach out to inquire about Deb’s professional development offerings, all designed to help people build and sustain healthy and productive collaborations at work.  


Whether you’re looking for theoretical frameworks, assessments, or concrete tools and tips to quickly level up your collaboration game: Deb can help.

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“I honestly could not imagine working with a more skilled retreat facilitator. Throughout the process, I felt as if she was a member of our department for years; that is how well she understood our history and needs.”

 “[Deb is] positive, clear, engaging, and the group projects/discussions were meaningful. [She] also have a deep sense of confidence and humility -- a paradox of character that is not always apparent in many academics. Thanks for your example to all of us."

“Deb would be my absolute first choice for any complex project involving collaboration or facilitation. One of the smartest and most thoughtful people out there!”

workshops topics include:

  • Collabor(h)ate to CollaborGREAT: Applying relationship science to move your team from where they are to where they want to be

  • How to build inter-company collaborations: Perspectives and practices

  • Facilitating collaboration within complex organizational systems

  • How to write a statement of shared purpose

  • How to create a theory of change

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design and facilitation

For situations where multiple stakeholders want to come together to build something new and want to create the conditions for amazing collaboration at the outset, we can help.

The process of deciding what to do and how to do it often benefits from the involvement of an external facilitator--someone who is at once committed to your shared success and unbiased in their outlook about how to achieve those ends.

Deb was such a committed, thorough, insightful, and adaptive partner throughout our strategic refresh process.

"Myco listened intently to our needs, then crafted an engaging, constructive retreat that enabled us to have the conversations we needed most, advancing our goals further than I thought possible in a half-day retreat." 

“Deb is the ultimate scholar practitioner who "walks the walk" of collaboration. Count on Deb to clarify and measure outcomes, provide actionable feedback and deliver results while strengthening individual and group capacity. She is exceptional - as a leader, collaborator and fellow human being.” 

“I learned a lot by...working with [Deb] and learning from [her] how to organize people and processes. It has been a great experience for me and I am very grateful for it.”

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“She helped [us] understand the levers of change, the way new initiatives could be kindled and sustained in a coordinated, efficient manner.”

chief collaboration officer

One company. One mission.

An organization theoretically consists of interdependent organs for advancing a shared purpose. Heck, the word organization even comes from the Greek word for tool, instrument, or organ.

Yet, in practice, organizations can become a hodgepodge of disjointed divisions, departments, and people. It’s as though the heart, the lungs, and the arteries within a single body are working at odds with each other.

Rather than working as one system within one body, the organs take on a life of their own. Basic functions become difficult to complete.  Peak performance? Out of the question.


f we want our organizations to thrive, we need all the organs working in resonance in service to a shared purpose. In other words, we need collaborative people engaged in collaborative relationships undertaking collaborative action within a collaborative culture.

Might your organization benefit from a Chief Collaboration Officer to make this vision a reality? If yes, reach out.


"Deb is the person every senior leader wants to have on their team and in their corner. She delivers incredible results for the institutions she works with. Deb not only takes time to understand each groups' goals but really synthesizes the information in order to forge new pathways that move the needle and accomplish audacious objectives."


As an award-winning teacher celebrated for her wit, presence, and clarity, Deb's unusual blend of humility and insight engages audiences, encourages openness, and motivates action.

“Her presence at the table was incredibly positive and warm and clearly saved us many heartaches and headaches, time, and money. I will not take on new collaborations without advice from Deb.”

“Deb’s deep familiarity with the…challenges of inter-institutional collaboration enabled her to quickly and accurately diagnose our needs, build rapport with stakeholders, and offer concrete solutions that supported our mission.”

Teams and organizations fall short of their potential because siloed thinking and entrenched practices prevent us from seeing and embracing the best ideas, perspectives, and insights of others.