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At Myco, we know relationships. Connection. Care. Curiosity. We apply relationship science to help people do better together. 


Few people seek out collaboration for collaboration’s sake. Rather, they rightly see collaboration as an essential vehicle for achieving valued ends, including:


  • Realizing bigger impacts in a faster, easier, more seamless way

  • Driving unexpected solutions to big problems

  • Enabling easier responses to crises and opportunities because partners already know and trust each other and have already developed the habits of heart, mind, and practice to work together

  • Helping organizations weather challenging circumstances so they can get back to driving impact


Yet, it’s easy to underestimate the complexity of collaboration. It’s easy to assume you can just DIY your way through it. Heck, we’ve all seen DIY work just fine for small, short-term projects.


But, when you’re dealing with multiple stakeholders, working in nuanced spaces, and investing loads of resources (i.e., time, money, people power), there are a lot of ways collaboration can go wrong. If you’ve been around the block a time or two, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about – tense relationships, shattered timelines, lackluster outcomes, insignificant impact, etc.


Sure, sometimes DIY is the way to go. And, sometimes it isn’t. For the collaborations that matter most, it helps to bring in the pros to envision, construct, and facilitate the project.


Yes, your collaboration is complex. But, with dedicated expertise in intentional collaboration design, that complexity is absolutely navigable. You don’t have to suffer the avoidable pain of DIY.

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If realizing your big vision relies on the talents, resources, or support of others, reach out to learn about my collaboration advising, design, and facilitation services. We can – we must – do together better.

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"I now have a way to reframe my anxiety about moving forward that will help me overcome my slog. After just one session, I feel motivated and excited to get to work on my big undertaking. I certainly have not felt that way about this work in a very long time. Thank you so, so much!" 

“I was feeling stuck. You have this ability to clear things up for me when we talk. You are really good at narrowing down the issue in a logical, thoughtful way, yet with empathy.”


Whether you’re on a new team committed to building strong foundations, on a troubled team that needs to get unstuck, or on a rapidly expanding team that’s trying to duct tape together a cardboard car as it hurls down the freeway: we can help. 

"Deb was instrumental to my successful transition into the role of Board Chair of IMPACCT Brooklyn."


“[Deb] takes everyone seriously and pushes for clarity where needed. 

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design and facilitation

For situations where multiple stakeholders want to come together to build something new and want to create the conditions for amazing collaboration at the outset, we can help.

The process of deciding what to do and how to do it often benefits from the involvement of an external facilitator--someone who is at once committed to your shared success and unbiased in their outlook about how to achieve those ends.

Deb was such a committed, thorough, insightful, and adaptive partner throughout our strategic refresh process.


“Deb’s deep familiarity with the…challenges of inter-institutional collaboration enabled her to quickly and accurately diagnose our needs, build rapport with stakeholders, and offer concrete solutions that supported our mission.”

keynotes & workshops

As an award-winning teacher celebrated for her wit, presence, and clarity, Deb's unusual blend of humility and insight engages keynote and workshop audiences, encourages openness, and motivates action.

Participants admire her clear presentations and ability to facilitate productive and stimulating activities and discussions among people who see the world differently (sometimes very differently). 

Reach out to inquire about Deb’s professional development offerings, all designed to help people build and sustain healthy and productive collaborations.  

Whether you’re looking for theoretical frameworks or concrete tools and tips to quickly level up your collaboration game: Deb can help.

“I honestly could not imagine working with a more skilled retreat facilitator. Throughout the process, I felt as if she was a member of our department for years; that is how well she understood our history and needs.”


"Deb is the person every senior leader wants to have on their team and in their corner. She delivers incredible results for the institutions she works with. Deb not only takes time to understand each groups' goals but really synthesizes the information in order to forge new pathways that move the needle and accomplish audacious objectives."

“Her presence at the table was incredibly positive and warm and clearly saved us many heartaches and headaches, time, and money. I will not take on new collaborations without advice from Deb.”

Collaboration is a slog. People pull in different directions. There’s desperately little communication and even less follow through. One person ends up doing all the work. The result? Friction mounts. Projects fizzle. Great people walk. Here’s why: Very few of us ever receive any formal training in how to collaborate well.

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