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As a leader of a mission-driven organization, I'd venture that you're driven by a big vision about the real change you want to create in your community, region, or country.  Your vision is likely far more ambitious than what any one person or one organization could achieve alone. 
This means that, in order to realize your vision, collaboration is critical. You must work with others, and you must do so in a way that ensures your needs and interests are not compromised.

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Yet, three-quarters of us have little to no training in how to collaborate well. And, few leaders understand the ingredients needed or the strategies to lean on to create stable and effective collaboration. As a result, even when collaboration is mission critical, friction mounts. Projects fizzle. Good people walk away. Partnerships evaporate. Impact suffers. 
It doesn't have to be this way. 
If realizing your big vision relies on the talents, resources, or support of others, reach out to learn about my collaboration advising, design, and facilitation services. 

As a social psychologist, I have deep expertise in human relationships and how those relationships guide behavior.  My passion is applying this expertise to help others do together better. I help leaders of mission-driven organizations, groups of organizations, and donors avoid the predictable pitfalls of complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives so that they can drive impact and achieve their visions. This includes:

  • Helping people see how and why to “do together better”

  • Facilitating the relationships, conversations, and processes that move could-be collaborators from possibility to impact

  • Setting collaborations up for success by structuring them well out of the gate

  • Navigating the challenging inflection points of collaboration (e.g., sunsetting, getting a derailed collaboration back on track)

An accomplished business advisor, professor, higher ed administrator, and nonprofit executive, my thinking has been featured in The New York Times, MIT-Sloan Management Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Atlantic, BusinessWeek, Reworked, and Psychology Today. I have been an invited speaker on collaboration and viewpoint diversity at leading organizations including the United Nations, Siemens, and the American Psychological Association. I am the international bestselling author of Collabor(h)ate.


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*(even when you'd rather work alone)

How to build incredible collaborative relationships at work*

"Everything you need to know to build healthy and productive collaborative relationships at work"

Great collaboration: It’s not rocket science; it’s relationship science.

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