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Ep 14: A new consortium is born


Guests John Gardner & Vicki McGillin

This Week in Higher Ed: Institutional Collaboration with Debra Mashek

Brighter Higher Ed

Myco's Deb Mashek joins Terri Givens and Mike Palmer on This Week in Higher Ed

Improving Stakeholder Alignment to Reduce Drag & Advance Shared Goals


“Deb’s deep familiarity with the nuances of the academy and the challenges of inter-institutional collaboration enabled her to quickly and accurately diagnose our needs, build rapport with stakeholders, and offer concrete solutions that supported our mission.”

Ep 13: Giving into hope


Guest Many Meel

Ep 11: Bridging academic & corporate spaces to drive ethical cultural


Guest Alison Taylor

Cabinet Retreat to Envision Campus Post-COVID


"Myco ... crafted an engaging, constructive retreat that enabled us to have the conversations we needed most."

Ep 12: The cost of collaborative inaction


Guest Amy Cronin

Supporting Cross-Campus Curricular Coherence & Innovation Among the Claremont Colleges


"She helped the deans of the five colleges understand the levers of change, the way new initiatives could be kindled and sustained in a coordinated, efficient manner."

Developing a Virtual Research Network to Explore Intellectual Humility


"Deb’s energy, sensitivity, organization, insights, and good humor played a crucial role in creating our virtual research network and in making it so successful and friendly. The emerging field of the development of intellectual humility owes her a debt of gratitude for getting it all started."

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Most individuals who engage in collaborative work genuinely believe that collaboration is valuable to their organizations. Yet, few are trained to engage in collaborative work effectively.