Whether your initiatives are stuck due to time constraints, bureaucratic roadblocks, or not-quite-working relationships—we shepherd your ideas from vision to reality, freeing up time, streamlining processes & improving relationships.

special project stewardship

Moving complex projects and intiaitives forward by leveraging strategic, programmatic, and operational talents, enabling people, resources, and processes to work better together -- across individuals, departments, institutions, and sectors

"Deb brings a wealth of practical experience to the challenge of assessing opportunities and obstacles to strategic planning, organizational development, and collaborative change management. She is acutely perceptive and outcomes oriented. Deb's pragmatic processes help organizations and institutions catalyze nascent opportunities into actionable outcomes." - Collaborator

“I learned a lot by...working with you and learning from you how to organize people and processes. It has been a great experience for me and I am very grateful for it.”

- Collaborator

sample past engagements:

  • In order to develop and maintain effective, efficient, sustainable, and enduring cross-campus academic collaborations among The Claremont Colleges, I (1) conducted archival research and word-of-mouth outreach to catalog all existing curricular collaborations, (2) conducted semi-structured group discussions with approximately 120 faculty and staff members involved in 31 distinct cross-campus curricular collaborations to understand the collaborations in terms of what they do and how they do it, as well as their strengths and needs, (3) synthesized key themes and offered recommendations in a formal report, and (4) served as the founding director of the Office of Consortial Academic Collaboration.

  • With an eye toward creating a coherent cross-campus data sciences curriculum that would draw on and build up intercollegiate, interdisciplinary course offerings related to data science theories, methods and applications, I (1) conducted stakeholder interviews with 50 faculty and staff from across seven colleges, (2) hosted multiple charrettes to evaluate the initiative ideas that emerged in the interviews, (3) hosted an all-day data science vision retreat to formalize proposals, and (4) vetted emerging proposals with the presidents and deans of all the colleges.

  • Partnered with the President and the director of institutional philanthropy to bring coherence and clarity to a proposed multimillion-dollar initiative that would involve every sector of the campus and a multitude of national partners.


executive advising & coaching

Coaching higher ed and nonprofit leaders who want to create positive outcomes in their organizations and beyond; my coaching focuses on building strong collaborative relationships with others, being present and fulfilled at work, and navigating change with grace

sample coaching clients:

  • The department chair of a large department at a private university sought coaching to help him disrupt entrenched faculty factions, which were expressed as both curricular "turfiness" and in-fighting about perceived workload inequities.

  • An academic who was feeling overwhelmed and without confidence as she faced a huge undertaking sought coaching to clarify pathways for moving forward.

  • Provided tailored "just in time" support and professional development to the new board chair of longstanding, well-regarded nonprofit

“I was feeling stuck. You have this ability to clear things up for me when we talk. You are really good at narrowing down the issue in a logical, thoughtful way, yet with empathy.”

- Coaching Client

"I now have a way to reframe my anxiety about moving forward that will help me overcome my slog. After just one session, I feel motivated and excited to get to work on my big undertaking. I certainly have not felt that way about this work in a very long time. Thank you so, so much!" 

- Coaching Client

"Deb was instrumental to my successful transition into the role of Board Chair of IMPACCT Brooklyn. Our advising sessions flex between tactical and theoretical exercises to identify meaningful insights and actionable steps forward. Our sessions have made a significant impact on the immediate future as well as the long term - a perfect blend!"

- Coaching client


workshop & retreat design

Designing and facilitating workshops and retreats that provide teams with protected time to connect, reflect, and get some actionable thinking done together

sample past engagements:

  • Based on intensive one-on-one interviews with all members of an entrenched department, designed and facilitated a two-day retreat focused on (1) engaging in honest, productive, and safe dialogue about departmental challenges; (2) departmental decision-making practices and expectations; and (3) establishing accountability practices and expectations.

  • Huddled with liaisons from four universities to
    (1) define their roles and responsibilities vis a vis organizing collaborative language curricula, (2) formalize a cross-campus committee charge, and (3) improve cross-campus and cross-functional information flow and workflow.


  • Facilitated a 9-month interdisciplinary research network of scholars interested in the development of intellectual humility from childhood through adolescents. This project was funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation awarded to Duke University.

  • Provided executive advising to the incoming board chair of a longstanding community development nonprofit in New York City.

  • The entire leadership team of an elite liberal arts school navigated a lot in 2020, including COVID, a long-overdue national reckoning with racial injustice, a natural disaster that overtook their region, and an incredibly polarized national election. The college's president asked Myco to design a retreat for the Cabinet that would at once honor the team's steady leadership and successes, and direct energy to future visioning, imagining what and how the college could be in a post-COVID world.

“You are positive, clear, engaging, and the group projects/discussions were meaningful. You also have a deep sense of confidence and humility -- a paradox of character that is not always apparent in many academics. Thanks for your example to all of us."

- Workshop Participant

“I honestly could not imagine working with a more skilled retreat facilitator. Throughout the process, I felt as if she was a member of our department for years; that is how well she understood our history and needs.”

- Department Chair


sample workshops & presentations:

Defining vision, Realizing goals

“What could we do?” vs. “What should we do?”

“Learning to say no” vs. “Knowing when to say yes”

Collaboration: It’s not what you think

Project management for academics

Teams and organizations fall short of their potential because siloed thinking and entrenched practices prevent us from seeing and embracing the best ideas, perspectives, and insights of others.