Your needs drive our work together. Potential clients typically approach us with a problem to be solved, an opportunity to be leveraged, or a goal to be realized.  Whether you seek an outsider’s perspective, wish to complement your team’s existing expertise, or need dedicated capacity to address a need, we can help.


Whatever your needs, I’ll be listening. 

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Myco’s Collaborative Action Model

When it comes to collaboration, one size does not fit all.  Leveraging our Collaborative Action Model, we tailor each engagement to address the specific needs, challenges, and contexts of our clients.

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the miles

Based in New York City, I welcome clients near and far. I have yet to meet a consulting challenge that couldn’t be overcome with Google Docs, Zoom, or a plane ticket.


We’ll make it work–whether we’re in the same town or on different continents.

Virtual Team Meeting

An enduring collaboration is established and sustained with the help of facilitators and partners with a deep understanding of and appreciation for the relationships between people, tools, and processes.