The needs of you, your department, or your organization will drive our work together. Potential clients typically approach me with a problem to be solved, an opportunity to be leveraged, or a goal to be realized.  Whether you seek an outsider’s perspective, wish to complement your department’s existing expertise, or need dedicated capacity to address a short-term need, I may be able to help. 


Whatever your needs, I’ll be listening. 

next steps

(1) Schedule your free 45-minute discovery call

(2) Tell us what you want to get done and what you're up against

(3) Receive a tailored proposal to address your need

initial consultation

​To kick things off, we’ll set aside 45 minutes so you can tell me a bit about your needs. If, by the end of our first talk, I don’t sense that my talents are a good fit for your needs, I’ll say so.

getting started

When I believe that I could help, I’ll ask you to sketch out the sort of experience you have in mind. A 2-3 hour workshop? A two-day retreat? Months-long strategic planning or project support? One-on-one coaching? I’ll also ask what you would like to get out of our work together. We will co-create a list of goals that at once inspires with its reach and remains mindful of real constraints such as budget, timelines, and organizational culture.

I’ll work with all of this — your stated needs, the sketch of your dream experience, your goals– to craft a proposal.


This proposal will help us think together about the topics, formats, and potential deliverables that would best address your needs. If you like what you see, we will enter into a contract, and I will dig into the rewarding work of crafting a fine-tuned experience that meets the big-picture needs of your organization. Then, we will execute the plan, no matter the challenge at hand.

Based in New York City, I welcome clients near and far. I have yet to meet a consulting challenge that couldn’t be overcome with Google Docs, Zoom, or a plane ticket.


We’ll make it work–whether we’re in the same town or on different continents.

Virtual Team Meeting

An enduring collaboration is established and sustained with the help of facilitators and partners with a deep understanding of and appreciation for the relationships between people, tools, and processes.